Friday, 22 May 2009

Good decision

....To start playing on party poker again. It has been a huge success. Its just so easier to stack people, maybe I'm on a heater but my game feels alot more solid here. This instead of spending 15mins trying to find a fishy table at ipoker. Swear the players are way nitter there. Well here's my graph since the move.

Ive also tried to up my volume and play more tables, which is easier at party because of the amount of fishy tables to choose from. Ive been starting with 2 tables then progressing to 4 after Ive got a feel for the 1st two.

I need to be thinking about 25nl soon too, I was thinking of waiting till Ive got $1k but I'm going to take a shot when at $750 which hopefully isn't far away.

I'm off camping over the bankhols so no poker for me till late Monday night. Will be nice to have a change anyway. going to the lake district with the gf and a few friends should be fun.

take care

bankroll: £360/$570

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